The Story of a Naughty Schoolboy

Before there was Punk Rock there was Pub Rock. The singularly British rebellion to the mainstream corporate AOR and progressive rock blight coming out of London and California in the mid-to-late 1970’s. As a child of ‘hipster’ parents in Bristol England, Jonny Dongel got his first taste of this new, exciting music.

The bands in this scene were poised to produce some of the biggest stars in the first and second waves of British Punk Rock. The 101er’s gave us Joe Strummer. Riff Raff produced Billy Bragg. Kilburn and the High Roads were Ian Dury’s first group. Some of the artists, such as Elvis Costello, Sniff and the Tears, Wreckless Eric, Squeeze and Dr Feelgood went on to distinguished careers in their own right.

The times were explosive yet fleeting. As Pub became Punk became New Wave the energy and excitement of this era was lost to history. Until Now….. Jonny Dongel has reached back in time, while staying firmly in the present creating melodic anthems that pay homage to the spirit of his youth.